What clients have said...

  • You may not remember me, but I had a telephone conversation with you in April, after Libby Franz recommended that I speak to you regarding my daughter's little anglo-arab. He had had a cold for quite a few weeks and had developed a huge swelling in his throat. You posted me some herbs to treat him with.

    I just wanted to let you know what a huge success they have been. The running nose and cough cleared up within the first week. The swelling in his neck changed and actually got worse to the point that it started to leak through the skin. I lanced it and the pus that drained from that lump was incredible, just huge amounts. I honestly believe that the herbs brought it to a head, which then allowed it to be treated.

    The swelling has now completely gone and the he is in fine spirits. Actually I can't remember seeing him so well, he is playing in the paddock like a young horse again and is just so happy. He is an old boy and we have only had him for just over a year but he is most certainly the happiest he has been since living with us.

    I can't thank you enough for your help, I was at my wits end with this horse as nothing else seemed to be working. I will not hesitate to contact you first next time that I have a health issues with our horses and have been and will continue to recommend you to others.