Charlie's Tumours

Charlie is a 23 year old thoroughbred gelding who developed melanomas under his tail. They were left alone on the advice of a vet because of their benign nature.

Several years later they had grown significantly, and on the way to becoming a problem for excretion. Around the same time, more tumours appeared round the base of his penis and he began bleeding from the nose regularly. He was diagnosed with a carcinoma cluster in the nasal cavity. He'd lost a huge amount of weight and had several bouts of colic and it was assumed that he was probably riddled with cancer wouldn't last for much longer.

Charlie was given medicines to treat his symptoms including the famous Essiac formula along with a few other herbs which have been regularly adjusted according to his symptoms.

Within a few weeks the tumours began to open and secrete a foul smelling black fluid, they were bathed twice daily until they dried out. We continued with the medication and began to see a vast difference in his condition. His coat improved massively and he regained his weight. The nose bleeds became intermittent and eventually stopped.

Three years later he is still going strong and behaves like a young horse. I can't truly say that all the tumours have disappeared, but they have drastically reduced in size and appear to remain in a static condition, buying some extra valuable time to enjoy his retirement with his equine buddies.