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August - October 2016: articles by Les Rees in "The Horse Report" and "The Nimbin Good Times"

"The Horse Report" and "Nimbin Good Times" (newspaper for the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales) have recently published 4 articles by Les Rees of Horsetail Herbs. You can find links to copies of these on the articles page. They are also reproduced on a separate WordPress blog site set up for Horsetail Herbs, which is accessible here:


November 2014: Moving to New South Wales

Horsetail Herbs recently re-located from Tasmania to Georgica in Northern NSW where the grass is greener and the temperatures considerably warmer.

We arrived towards the end of winter, and the horses arrived a week later. We thought that this would give them time to acclimatise before the onslaught of a subtropical summer!

Needless to say, they didn't come through it unscathed! All developed cold symptoms followed by a particularly persistent dry cough, either picked up from other horses travelling with them or the various holding yards they stayed in during their travel stops.

I like to think that my horses have excellent healthy immune systems. All have amazingly shiny coats, good feet and had never been sick. They've always been treated with herbal medicine designed to meet their needs according to conditions and also have a natural diet so it is a demonstration as to the possible effects of travelling horses over long distances.

They looked so relieved to find a familiar person waiting for them at the other end of their arduous journey. They whinnied to me whilst waiting to be unloaded and were so happy to get off the truck and be by my side. I feel so honoured by their trust in me and it's wonderful to chill out with them again! It took a few weeks to get their systems back in balance but they're now relaxed, happy and enjoying life once more.

2 months later... We've all been on a learning curve. The new property is an astoundingly beautiful, quiet, peaceful place to live in. It sits in a beautiful verdant valley and includes 20 acres of good, well shaded grazing pasture that has many medicinal herbs growing in amongst the grasses. It's bordered with tropical rain forest on top of the hill and a creek at the bottom and offers a mixture of hill and flat paddocks, perfect for horses. Each day brings new discoveries as we get used to living with wallabies, carpet pythons, amazing lizards and exotic birds. The flora is constantly challenging our senses as we discover new plants on a daily basis and I can tell you that remembering the names of the amazing trees and shrubs is no mean feat.

As for the horses, they've been getting used to sharing their valley and making friends with escapee cattle that graze along the roadside next to their paddocks. They seem drawn to the horses in shared harmony as they make friends over the fence. We also have a new addition to our family: "Red", a sweet natured 2yr old gelding who's managed to charm us all with his delightful personality and has filled a gap missing from our amazing family since we lost an incredibly special horse two years ago.

I'm happy to tell you that our horses are back to normal and hopefully, any trauma has been delegated to the distant past and they can now enjoy new experiences in our amazing new location. We're so happy to be here.

Now it's back to work and I'm enjoying working with the different kinds of problems associated with keeping horses in the sub tropics.